5 Fabulous Tourist Spots WorldWide

Seeking a cool tourist spots for holidays? You can find numerous beautiful and marvelous places accross the globe, whether lakes, mountains, islands, desserts in no mans land or bridges big shopping venues and historical places in the cities. In this post, we presenting 5 fabulous tourist spots worldwide to choose for coming holidays.


Saint Stefan - Coast

The beautiful nature-gifts to Montenegro are peninsula of Sveti Stefan (Saint Stephen).Its cover every thing with best five star & four star hotels, best restaurants, & best beaches , its attractive and pleasant spot for the tourist. It's a gorgeous city hotel with villas & apartments that present great views to the sea prospect. It has its own cultural and historical background, which attract the tourist. Both-side of the Saint Stefan coast linking with the island of the shore, it has two beautiful beaches of reddish color.


Saint Stefan


Cancun - Sun and Sands in Mexico

Cancun of Mexico is  popular for tourists, it's full of liveliness and facination for the people, especially its ideal place for honey-mooners and families. It is well-known for its beaches and water sports. Water is warm & ideal for entertainment throughout the year. It presents the splendid view at night time and relaxing in day time.

cancun mexico


The Great China Wall (Beijing)

The Great Wall not only China's most famous and historical site but it is also very attractive place for the people of across the globe. It's magnificent - brick & earth structures of the Ming dynasty, when the wall was prepared against Mongol forces to north. The Ming wall is about twenty six feet tall and twenty three feet wide at base, and could hold up to six horse-men riding abreast. It is very ideal, attractive and well known place for the tourist.


Great Wall China


Sydney Harbor Bridge

Sydney Harbor Bridge is one of the most popular tourist spot in Sydney, the Sydney Bridge is famous for the climbing-activities. It offers a unique sense of pleasure and you can enjoy great views on the climb. The climb lasts for about 3.5 hours and worth the money you spend for it. You can be led by a trained expert climber in groups which consists of about ten people. Most interesting thing is that, there are options to climb at dawn, twilight or night in addition to day-climbs.


Sydney Harbor Bridge


Normandy France

Normandy, sited to the north-west of Paris, the region of Normandy embraces Monet's wonderful gardens at Giverny, the historic city of Rouen, and along the coast, the charming port of Honfleur, and the world's famous D-Day beaches and the Normandy coastline. More you can visit historic Bayeux to marvel at its almost thousand year old tapestry and hinterland of Normandy with rolling farmland and villages of half timbered house an area popular for its cheese. Wonderful hotels, bed, breakfasts and chateau hotels included Upper-Normandy-Hotels. These accommodations will create long term memories of your journey to France.


Normandy France



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