Change The Culture Change The Game Review

Change the culture, change the game is descriptive book written by the famous writer Roger Connors and Tom smith. It is one of the leading most selling book of New York because of carrying valuable title for the public and private organizations. The authors tend to convey a message through the topic that by bringing a positive cultural change you can visualize the accountability of results and can get results rather then pursuing other means of change. We can define culture as the way we think, act, talk and behave etc.These are the components of the culture and we will have to accelerate these items for future organizations output. Through this you can get plenty of advantages and benefits with reference to your customers, clients, economic growth curve and credibility of values and assets. Certainly our current cultural values cannot bring challenging and demanding changes in forthcoming organization. Imagine for a while about this idea, the frequency and speed at which we re running our organizations and companies are in a constant flow of run or you can say these are moving a head steadily but with same cultural values.

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