Castle Ravenloft Board Game Review

Castle ravenoloft board game is a suspense game in which single hero or more then two heroes explore the dungeon castle to reveal mysterious secrets. In this exploration either you will die together or win together. The game resembles with the dungeons and dragons but differ in certain modes. There are total 5 heroes and you will choose one of them and game starts with selection of adventure and total number of adventures are comprise 5 players,cards,token,masters,unique masters and reference guys. There are various categories of cards like at will power cards, Utility and daily power cards which can b e used only once. Trash cards and encounter cards, the later one drawn during villiam phase. All these characters and features exchange and run the game in the castle environment making game look horror and fantasy. Dungeon tiles make the board and avenue for the heroes and the monsters. You will have to play the game with attention and devotion to complete the first level and important thing is to achieve the secret. When you will play the game you will get a clear cut idea of the game complex turn and traps.

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