Captain America Game Review

No doubt, most of the viewers had watched the movie captain America. The game is essentially the mimicking copy of the movie. Captain America as the name indicates that he is not an ordinary captain of a small crew or troops but belongs to a realm of strength and power. The concept of captain America reveals development of a super and incredible soldier who had the abilities and potential to resove and tackles the complex situation in which enemy has trapped you. In other words game plot constructed in a fantastic way to enjoy the relish entertainment with the pre existing knowledge of the movie. It is a single player game in which captain America being undefeatable soldier beats the enemy in an action and dramatic style which is a movie character. The game presents action of the soldier just like Van dam and Steven segal movies. Finding and moving every where is a kind of exploring game. Jumping and punching behind the enemy and killing with punch, fist and hard steel shield is awesome to play.

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