Capsized Game Review

Capsize describe the meaning of dominating something accidentally or to overcome suddenly. In this game you overcome the circumstances with your incredible locomototion activities. Background story plot is simple your planet got crashed and your crew members are sprawled into the crashed area and you are the only survivor and the beginner of the game. You must find other companions and in search for this you landed in a deep and dense forest and there you will face a number of jungle creatures whom you should kill. You have your gravity gun and flash light gun which can drag heavy objects and flash light gun helps you to stick to the other surface and through this you can move to other site. Another feature of your is that you can hang in the air for some time. You are running around and simultaneously shooting and throwing objects in three dimensionally, this is pretty funny thing to do. Lighting effect is remarkable and your rocket jumps make it more amusing. There are 12 levels in the game which are enough for you to get a sufficient gratification out of it.

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