Bully Video Pc Game Review

Here is a new game which is at most of the terms should be designated as game of the school boy. The game tells us a lesson that how a boy turns up his character among students and teachers. This piece of art is presentation of bullworh: scholarship edition. James bully Hopkins is a school boy and in a short introduction of the game, bully was dropped at the bullworth academy gate by his parents. At this occasion bully made routinely used expressing words of being involved in kind of complex situation in which he did not bother. This shows the attitude of the character. His parents were going to celebrate a long year honeymoon. As the bully was standing at the gate of the academy; the headmistress came out and asked bully to enter into the academy. After that he met to the two headmasters who were a bit harsh in case of discipline and behavior and one of them asked bully to go to the dorm to change his dress. When Hopkins went there, he saw that there are 3 boys standing in front of him but james bully was reluctant t o change his dress in front of them so he aroused a fight with them. Story continues with such actions, adventures, punishments and naughty activities which are fascinating for every kind of player to observe their childhood and adolescence.

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